When looking for a mobile application development service provider, it is of extreme importance to ask a lot of questions. Make sure that you take time right from the start to know more about the developer or the company you are dealing with to be able to make the right choice. Some of the vital questions to ask include how much experience does the developer has when it comes to mobile applications, the main contact person for a company, what the developer could add to your project and make sure to ask for references of past clients. It is also of extreme importance to determine what the development process is. As you proceed with your queries, make sure that you take down notes of the answers and how the questions were answered too. If the developer seems to be offended with your questions, evasive or rather slow in talking, it could be an indicator that you should look for another service provider.




    I’ve been working as a mobile application development service provider for more than three years now. With the popularity of mobile phones for personal and business use, new apps are being developed on a daily basis.


    June 2013